Fred Eaglesmith Guitar Tabulature


Jason Hammond

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  1. 18 Wheels [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Jim Kuzniar] (Version 3) [Contributed by: Chris Goulden]
  2. 105 [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  3. 49 Tons [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  4. (Ain't Done My) Cryin' Yet [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Kent Archibald]
  5. Alcohol and Pills [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] Alcohol & Pills (capo 2) [Contributed by: Barry McGuire]
  6. A Little Lost [Contributed by: Steve Hume]
  7. Alternator [Contributed by: Jason (not the one who maintains this page!)]
  8. Angel of the Lord [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  9. Bailin' Again [Contributed by: Bob Roddis]
  10. Bandages [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  11. Bench Seat [Contributed by: G.J. James]
  12. Big Ass Garage Sale [Contributed by: Sherry Austin]
  13. Big Hair [Contributed by: Wim van Bruxvoort]
  14. Bleary-Eyed Boys [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  15. Blue Tick Hound [Contributed by: Graham James]
  16. Brand New Boy [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  17. Bullets [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Pokey Dokey Karol]
  18. Carmelita [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  19. Carne Del Toro [Contributed by: Joe Goral] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Joe Goral]
  20. Caroline [Contributed by: Jim Kelly]
  21. Carter [Contributed by: Donnie Courville]
  22. Codeine [Contributed by: Joe Goral] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  23. Cold War [Contributed by: Donnie Courville]
  24. Comes and Goes [Contributed by: Steve Liddycoat]
  25. Crashin' and Burnin' [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Minor Change Suggested by Paul Salit]
  26. Crazier [Contributed by: Sherry Austin] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Brock Magoo]
  27. Crowds [Contributed by: Lupus Nensén]
  28. Cumberland County [Contributed by: Steve Liddycoat]
  29. Darlin' Boy [Contributed by: P. Hill]  (Version 2) [Contributed by: Bill MacKinnon]
  30. Don't Take No For An Answer [Contributed by: Joe Goral]
  31. Do You Love Me Now? [Contributed by Steve Humes]
  32. Drinking Too Much [Contributed by: Rick L.]
  33. Drive In Movie [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  34. Dusty [Contributed by: Joe Goral] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Bob Roddis] (Version 3) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  35. Flowers In The Dell [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  36. Freight Train [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  37. Georgia Overdrive [Contributed by: Jim Kuzniar]
  38. Go Out and Plough [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  39. Good Enough [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  40. Harold Wilson [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  41. He's A Good Dog [Contributed by: Steve Liddycoat] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Bruce Richards]
  42. Her Heart Or Mine [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  43. Hey Baby [Contributed by: Joe Goral] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Joe Goral]
  44. High Heels in the Rain [Contributed by: Unknown]
  45. How's Ernie? [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  46. I Ain't Ever Givin' In [Contributed by: Patrick Hulley, Tabbed by: Bob Brown]
  47. I Like Trains [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  48. I Lost Her To Bingo [Contributed by: Joe Gee]
  49. I Shot Your Dog [Contributed by: Brock Magoo] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Tom Hamilton]
  50. I Wanna Buy Your Truck [Contributed by: Sherry Austin] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  51. I'm Just Dreaming [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  52. If You're Dancin' On The Bar [Contributed by: Bob Roddis] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  53. Indiana Road [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  54. Indian Motorcycles [Contributed by: Bob Roddis]
  55. I-75 [Contributed by: Joe Goral] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  56. It Was You (Ivory Towers) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Barry McGuire]
  57. Jericho [Contributed by: Kent Archibald]
  58. Joe [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  59. John Deere 'B' [Contributed by: Bob Roddis]
  60. Kansas [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  61. Last Six Dollars [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  62. Last Wild Mustang [Contributed by: Tom Hamilton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Pete Vannuis] (Version 2 - with better line-breaks) [Contributed by: Pete Vannuis]
  63. Little Buffalo [Contributed by: Unknown] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 3) [Contributed by: Brock Magoo]
  64. Livin' Out On The Road [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  65. Look Who's Changed [Contributed by: Skumm]
  66. Love and a 45 (written with Chris Knight) [Contributed by: Rick L.]
  67. Lucille [Contributed by: Brenda Hazlewood]
  68. Mary Anne (hidden track on "Falling Stars & Broken Hearts") [Contributed by: P. Karol]
  69. Me and Esther [Contributed by: Bob Roddis] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Mike Hiatt]
  70. Mighty Big Car [Contributed by: Pokey] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Mike Hayes]
  71. Milly's Cafe [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Larry Kalka]
  72. Mrs. Hank Williams [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  73. Ninety Nine Miles An Hour [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  74. Ordinary Guy [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  75. Oxford County Line [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  76. Pontiac [Contributed by: Brock Magoo] (Pontiac - theory behind the song) [Contributed by: Michael Bolton]
  77. Pretty Good Guy [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Kent Archibald]
  78. Rainbow [Contributed by: Joe Goral] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Joe Goral] (Version 3) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  79. Rev It Up [Contributed by: Mark Payne]
  80. Rifles and Pistols [Contributed by: Jim Ambridge]
  81. Rocky [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  82. Rodeo Boy [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  83. Rodeo Rose [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  84. Rooster Fight [Contributed by: Tom Hamilton]
  85. Rough Edges [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  86. Seven Shells [Contributed by: Rick L.]
  87. Sharecroppin' [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Johnny Eden]
  88. Ship [Contributed by: Sherry Austin] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Kent Archibald] (Version 3) [Contributed by: Beer Slinger] (Version 4) [Contributed by: Joe Goral] (Version 5) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  89. Sign on the Wall [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  90. Small Motors [Contributed by: Sherry Austin]
  91. Soda Machine [Contributed by: Bruce Richards]
  92. Soft On My Shoulders [Contributed by: Sherry Austin]
  93. Some Roads [Contributed by: Kent Archibald]
  94. Spookin' The Horses [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  95. Sugarcane [Contributed by: Patrick Hulley] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 3) [Contributed by: Brock Magoo]
  96. Summer Is Over [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  97. Summerlea [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Barry McGuire]
  98. Sunflowers [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  99. Take It All Away [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  100. The Boy That Just Went Wrong [Contributed by: Bruce Davies via Bob Roddis]
  101. The Highway Calling [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  102. The Mindless Side of Town [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  103. The Old John Deere [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  104. The Rains [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  105. The Rocket [Tabbed By: Cindy Faery; Contributed by: Jason Hale] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Bob Roddis]
  106. Things Is Changin' [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  107. Thinkin' 'bout Her [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Larry Kalka]
  108. Thirty Years of Farming [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  109. Time To Get A Gun [Contributed by: Unknown] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  110. Tired [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  111. Tommy and Joe [Contributed by: Barry McGuire]
  112. Town of Clarkson [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  113. Tunnel [Contributed by: Joe Goral] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  114. Water in the Fuel [Contributed by: Unknown] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  115. White Ash and Black Ash [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  116. White Rose [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  117. White Trash [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  118. Wichita [Contributed by: Joe Goral]
  119. Wilder Than Her [Contributed by: Andrew Lyon]
  120. York Road [Contributed by: Frank Eaton] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Paul Hill]
  121. You Can't Dance Like That (Charlene) [Contributed by: Samantha] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]
  122. Your Sister Cried [Contributed by: Dean Wardell]

    Washboard Hank Section

  123. Trainyards [Contributed by: Bryan M. Geoffrey]

    Willie P Bennett Section

  124. Blue Valentine [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]

  125. (If I Could) Take My Own Advice [Contributed by: Bryan M. Geoffrey] (Version 2) [Contributed by: Brock Magoo]
  126. Lace and Pretty Flowers [Contributed by: Frank Eaton]

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Some Unsolicited Music Plugs

-> Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - old-style country music updated for a modern audience
( 5/5 Fredheads; Honourary Fred Song: Pretty much any of them.)

-> Greg Keelor - Blue Rodeo's "Lennon" to Jim Cuddy's "McCartney", his solo stuff is amazing!

( 1/5 Fredheads; Honourary (but barely) a Fred Song: "Star of the Show")

-> John Wort Hannam - seeing him at a Showcase event in Weyburn, Saskatchewan inspired me to add this brief section mentioning other musicians Fred Fans may enjoy. 

( 4/5 Fredheads; Honourary Fred Song: "Wheatland")

-> Maria Dunn - Celtic-folk singer-songwriter

( 1/5 Fredheads; Honourary Fred Song: "Can You Blame The Poor Miner?")

-> Tim Hus - like a younger Stompin' Tom Connors

( 3/5 Fredheads; Honourary Fred Song: "Hotel Saloon ")

This is only a small sample of singers that I enjoy and who I thought that other Fredheads might also like.  Many of Fred's band members have CD's that you should check out and many online sources like Amazon, All-Music and have recommendations of similar artists you can view as well. 


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